Boost productivity with Upload to Drive™ – save your photos, videos, files and other documents directly to Google Drive™.
Upload to Drive™'s use and transfer of information received from Google APIs to any other app will adhere to Google API Services User Data Policy, including the Limited Use requirements.
This extension was made by a third party developers and it is NOT made or operated by Google LLC or any of its affiliates.

What's that extension is used for?

🌟 Discover Upload to Drive extension – your all-in-one solution for smooth and efficient uploading of files, documents, photos, videos, and even large PDFs directly to Google Drive! If you're looking for an organized, easy-to-access, and shareable storage option for your important files and media across multiple devices, then Upload to Drive extension is the perfect choice for you. With just a few simple clicks, witness your digital life become more orderly and manageable, saving photos, videos, and documents with ease.

📂 Upload to Drive extension enables users to quickly and effortlessly save files of various formats, such as documents, presentations, spreadsheets, and PDFs, to their Google Drive account. You'll now have the ability to save all your essential files in one place, without the need to switch between different file hosting platforms.


  1. Download and install the extension. Pin the extension for easy access.
  2. Sign in to the extension to gain access to Google Drive™.
  3. Click on the extension icon to open the file upload window and choose upload settings (save folder).
  4. Drag and drop a file, a document, a photo, or a video into the upload window, or right-click on a link on a webpage and select “Upload to Drive™”

– link sharing: you’ll be able to upload a file and immediately get a sharing link;

– file conversion: convert your Microsoft Office files to Google Docs format;

– multi-account support: feel free to choose an account for your immediate uploads.